Embrace the future of banking

Medtron solutions focuses on helping banks and financial institutions better engage with customers and users. We deliver mission-critical infrastructure and software solutions so you can drive your business forward globally.

To support the future of banking, we work with you to provide scalable services, manage and execute strategic initiatives and create innovative delivery models—like omnidirectional banking.

By leveraging our technical expertise, track record of global clients and our global delivery model, you can evolve into a next-generation financial institution.

Primary areas of focus

Corporate Banking

  • Online Banking
  • Wealth Management
  • Treasury Services
  • Financial Messaging – SWIFT Standards
  • Risk & Compliance

Cards & Payments

  • Card Life Cycle Management
  • Rewards Management
  • Fraud & Risk Management
  • Risk Management
  • Merchant Interfaces
  • Customer Interfaces

With Client-focused Culture, Medtron Solutions Prepares For ‘Beyond Digital’

A research created by ISG Insights™ talks about how Mindtree continues its growth trajectory to become a digital transformation leader with a consulting, technology and automation-led approach and a strong customer-centric culture. The report recognizes Mindtree as a company that is investing, building and nurturing a learning-based culture to develop the most relevant skills in the “beyond digital” age.

Artificial Intelligence Based Facial Recognition

“Know your customer better” is the mantra in the current digital banking space wherein banks would like to recognize its customers well in advance with help of cutting-edge technologies like virtual reality, Data analytics and artificial intelligence. Our solution has been developed to ensure personalized customer experience and by providing better product and services with the available portfolio details of customer on real time basis by the banks. There has been flexibility and configuration enabled with our solution which can be configured and deployed across the globe. Customer will have unique experience with this solution to ensure bank is able to know all the portfolio details in advance and can serve him better with rich customer experience and right product recommendation.


API Enablement for Digital Banks
Automated Lending
Data Analysis
Digital Banking
Governance, Risk Management, Compliance
Omni-Channel Assessment Framework

Ignite software design with high-octane agile development

Moving to agile software development has become essential. Medtron solutions creates customer-centric products and reinvents your bank’s development environment and accelerates time-to-market.

Our Agile superstars mentor you through reinvention by helping you:

  • Create organizational buy-in
  • Coach employees to embrace continuous change
  • Facilitate communication, coordination and collaboration
  • Mitigate errors, missteps and risk to meet tight release timelines

API Enablement for Digital Banks

Create internal and external APIs to unlock the capabilities of the bank.

Fintech startups and cutting-edge banks have started to disrupt the business of traditional banks.

The banking industry’s best response is a strategy of API enablement, creating internal and external APIs that:

  • Enable digital business models;
  • Create new revenue streams with value-added services;
  • Extend bank functionality through co-creation with clients and partners; and
  • Optimize financial services for “Internet scale” service delivery.

Through API Enablement, banks can transform themselves from spectators in the digital economy to being hands-on participants in the financial services of the future.

Automated Lending

Attract customers with connected onboarding

More and more, consumers expect connected, efficient onboarding when shopping for residential, car and construction loans.

Mindtree reinvents your customer engagement with automated lending services that appeal to a new generation of consumers. Our scalable services can move your bank ahead of the competition by:

  • Developing automated, paperless systems that simplify loan processes
  • Building platforms that promote faster, more informed decision-making
  • Mapping banking software products across regions and business lines


Gain and retain customers with dynamic cloud portals

The cloud harnesses the power of information access—from anywhere, at any time, on any device.

With Medtron Solutions, banks can create dynamic portals that meet and even anticipate customer demands. Our service tools collect and analyze the kind of customer data that leads to cross-sales and up-sell opportunities. Our cloud services can jump start your digital presence by:

  • Customizing the user experience to target high-value customers
  • Strengthening your brand with unique services and capabilities
  • Leveraging analytics to promote continuous improvemente

Data Analysis

Business insights from inside the data avalanche

Are you leveraging the treasure trove of customer information your business and core banking software collect every day? Mindtree’s analytics services capture valuable insights and uncover changing market conditions.

  • Business Intelligence services assess your business landscape and create paths to actions
  • Data warehouse maintenance services reduce risk and facilitate compliance
  • Analytical services extract information that drives customer-centric strategies

Digital Banking

Put customers first with digital banking

Build and retain customer loyalty with a digital approach to banking. Improve site stickiness with enhanced user experiences and integrated processes.

Medtron Solutions shows financial institutions of all sizes the way to create digital disruption. We guide firms through the maze of device and technology options to create the right solutions and services to please customers and lower costs.

Governance, Risk Management, Compliance

Relieving the burden of compliance and risk

Simply put, compliance and risk management are necessary burdens. Mindtree’s advanced GRC services take the pain out of managing risk and compliance across all business lines.

Our scalable services:

  • Simplify compliance with proven solutions that support FATCA, EMIR, MiFiD, Basel III, KYC, and AML
  • Institute cross-business risk management best practices
  • Incorporate regulatory and compliance reporting into operational processes
  • Avoid penalties for noncompliance with practical mitigation approachesedtron Solutions


Maximize your mobility

Mobility is revolutionizing banking and financial services. And Medtron Solutions is leading that transformation. You can rely on our technology and industry expertise to create a “mobile first” roadmap to drive business growth and efficiency. Our scalable services:

  • Create secure, anywhere access to applications and information
  • Shorten decision turnaround times and improve productivity
  • Keep executives abreast of fast-moving market trends

Omni-Channel Assessment Framework

Reinvent banking with Omni-Channel Experiences

Benchmark your bank vs. other banks and across industries with Medtron Solutions’s Omni-Channel Assessment Framework, and prioritize key digital initiatives and investments.

Omni-Channel has become commonplace in industries such as travel, retail and restaurants. It’s also happening quickly in banking, prodded by non-bank competition from telecom companies, technology companies and fintech startups. These new entrants are challenging banks’ traditional position as the primary owner of the customer relationship for financial matters.

Omni-Channel Banking gives customers channel-specific experiences that are synchronized, personalized and integrated with a wide range of services.

The reinvention of banking starts here.